WatchGuard Training with DCS Netlink

DCS Netlink has been a WatchGuard Certified Training company for many years now. Our WatchGuard training instructors work day in and day out with the WatchGuard product line, supporting customers of all sizes around the nation. We train  our students from experience rather than book knowledge. When not teaching, our instructors help customers fine tune their firewalls, diagnose problems, as well as help engineer new solutions on a daily basis.  We teach how to use your WatchGuard firewall and all of its features, but more importantly we teach the "why" you would use this feature.  Questions we answer during training are:  Will this feature negatively impact my company operations?; How can I use this feature to lock down my computers more effectively?; What does this check mark or button do?; Where would I use it?; How can I accomplish what my CEO is asking of me

If you have any questions about your WatchGuard firewall, or would like to learn more about how to effectively manage your firewall, then DCS Netlink is the right training team for you. We have formed long lasting relationships with nearly every student that has ever gone through our classes. Most students use our team as a resource years after the training class has ended. 

Give us a call to speak to one of our instructors - 877-327-6385.