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WatchGuard Training Conference Coming Soon!

Wisconsin Procurement Volk Field Small Business Conference

Wisconsin Procurement Volk Field Small Business Conference - Volk Field, WI, June 27, 2017 
WatchGuard Certified Training Partner Instructor, Dane Deutsch, will be speaking on "Cyber Security - How to stop Ransomware with WatchGuard."

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WatchGuard Certified Training Partner mini-seminar on the NEW Threat Detection and Response (TDR) module in WG Total Security Suite.  COMING Soon!  To learn more and reserve your seat with Dane, sign up HERE

Here is an example of WatchGuard Trainer & Coach Dane Deutsch teaching about WatchGuard Threat Detection and Response during which he shows a demonstration of ransomware being stopped by the NEW WatchGuard Threat Detection and Response Service.

WatchGuard Training with Threat Detection and Response to Ransomware

The WatchGuard Training video above is a great example of how Dane trains and coaches his WatchGuard Training students on all facets of WatchGuard firewalls.  Dane brings a practical environment into his classroom and thoroughly integrates "real-life" scenarios into each lesson so that students have much more than theory to take home with them.  They have practical knowledge on how to apply the training in their specific environment whether it be security for home, business, government or education.  

You have heard it said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Dane believes even more that a video is worth 10,000 words.  Students remember his class and lessons best since Dane weaves stories of security lessons learned into the firewall training as examples of best practice and worst practices both.

There is a difference between a trainer and coach.  Dane is a teacher by degree.  He has a Masters degree in Information and Communications Technology from UW-Stout in Menomonie, WI.  He is also a coach by profession in that he has coached people and organisations at all levels in leadership, teamwork, communications, and people skills as well as having coached individual and team sports for over 35 years; specifically in the sport of gymnastics.

Training is generally one direction with many trainers....instructor to the student only.  Dane believes that coaching is a two-way relationship....instructor to student and student to instructor, and that relationship should continue long after the class is completed.  With the physical WatchGuard Training boxes in the lab, and the virtual WatchGuard Training boxes in the Cloud you are sure to get a well-rounded and solidly grounded education from Dane in WatchGuard Training.

So, if you are looking for training, but want even more, Dane is the WatchGuard Trainer & Coach you need.

Contact Dane at 715-236-7424 or 877-327-6385 or our Contact Dane page.

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