Watchguard Classes

WatchGuard Training Classes

At Cyber Tech Coach, and as a WatchGuard Certified Training Partner, we have a true passion for Internet Security, and we LOVE the WatchGuard product line. We truly enjoy our work, and that flows into our classes and enhances the student experience. Internet security is a serious topic in today's environment, but we can also have fun while learning more!

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Dane doesn't just TRAIN you...he COACHES you too!

There is a big difference between training and coaching!

Dane believes that to provide the best training, he also needs to "coach" you too. You need to be coachable.

And, guess what? You are in good company.

Every professional sports team in MLB, NFL, NBA need and have coaches to provide Top Calibre training.

If they need coaches, then so do you.

That is the main thing that differentiates us from Dane and all the other trainers!

What does that mean for you?

When you join Dane and our WatchGuard Training Team for WatchGuard Training, you have your own personal WatchGuard coach training you!

The threats and vulnerabilities are getting exponentially more dangerous. Ransomware is on the rise!

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We love teaching and coaching our students, and to our instructors, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing that light come on in a student's eyes the first time a complex topic is finally understood. During our classes, we demonstrate and talk about all kinds of Internet security topics that extend beyond the WatchGuard Firewall boundaries but impact us every day. You will see port probe tools, watch attacks as they hit your firewall, talk about topics such as "packet sniffing", and gain valuable information as to where you can go for more information on how to work smarter in the Internet, computer and network security realms.

We look forward to having you join us in our next WatchGuard Certified Training Partner class!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call, we will gladly put you on the phone with one of our instructors!

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